Strategic Planning

In APUDG, Strategic Planning is an important nerve center, where we have been instrumental in leading and preparing key development plans and blueprints for Malaysia. We have a strong pool of experts and a comprehensive data center and professionals with research and development capabilities.


Our integrated approach in strategic planning includes engagement process with local communities and the aspirations and needs of communities along with economic consideration and environmental goals are the key considerations in developing strategic plans.


Strategic planning involves a systemic planning process that takes into account the stakeholders requirements, the city or region's needs and the complexity of issues and challenges that the area faces. The process also allows for the stakeholders to be well-informed of all key findings, key issues and key proposals that will allow for better compliance of the plan and in steering growth in a smart, manageable and sustainable manner. As planners, one of our role is to guide city administrators on implementing the strategies and action plans made to address local issues and challenges.