Master Planning & Urban Design

Established in 1993, APUDG (AJM Planning and Urban Design Group Sdn Bhd) is a team of Town Planners, Urban Designers, Architects, Engineers, Environmental Planners and Professionals of the built environment who believes in sustainable planning to enhance the quality of living environment for communities in towns, cities and regions.


The firm offers comprehensive urban planning services to resolve planning challenges by providing creative and innovative ideas and design solutions and by adopting an engaging planning process to respond to local needs and issues. The firm's wide-ranging knowledge and experiences has seen through the successful implementation of globally recognized development that has been benchmarked by many.


APUDG is committed to sustainability; its designs, blueprints and planning solutions have the capacity to adapt to change over time, respond to growth and are socially and environmentally responsible in planning places that people care about. It adopts a knowledge sharing approach to effect change in the built environment and strives to continuously set new standards in planning, parallel to meeting local and global challenges.