PUTRAJAYA, the new Federal Government Administrative Center, is conceived and planned for and by Malaysians. Named after the nation’s first Prime Minister, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the new city is built to reflect upon the nation’s progressiveness and its forward thinking Government. Moving the national government machinery from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya encourages a more balanced growth for Kuala Lumpur Conurbation and improves the urban environment and quality of life for Kuala Lumpur city.


Our professionals in APUDG has been involved in the master planning of Putrajaya from its early planning days to its implementation works, where the evolution of the master plan was a combination of ideas and inputs from several professionals that was very privileged to work on the master plan.

A Garden City, the uniqueness of the master plan is its vast open spaces and water bodies which constitute of 38% of the total city. Putrajaya has been planned with high environmental and design standards and after more than 20 years, it still stands as a development hard to surpass.


Putrajaya master plan has remained in tact for the last 20 years, guiding growth and development as it achieve more than 64% developed area today. A true live, work and play city, 80% of its population work and live here, enjoying the high standards of community facilities and high quality built environment.


After 20 years, Putrajaya master plan is ready to transform and today Putrajaya evolves and upscale itself from a Garden City to a Green City, setting higher standards and targets for a holistic green environment.



Project Background:

The Federal Government Administrative Centre


Federal Government of Malaysia


Putrajaya, Selangor

Rendered Services:

Master Planning (collaboration with Kumpulan Kota  Bestari)


Evolved from the Garden City concept, and in harmony with the environment, Putrajaya will symbolize the nation’s aspirations. The development of Putrajaya will be spearhead by Malaysians and accomplished in the spirit of Malaysia Incorporated and Vision 2020