Kota Baru Lampung, a government administrative center covering an area of approximately 3,168 acres of agriculture land with pristine waterway will soon be transformed into an efficient governance center benchmarked with world renowned government administrative centers such as Wellington and Brasilia.


It is planned with diversity and vibrancy in mind creating in tandem new lifestyle for communities of Lampung. The waterfront & riverine is dedicated to the public so as to allow highest accessibility to urban waterfront spaces which will then contribute towards the economic vitality of the place. The development is tailored to meet the unique site specification and will be design to co-exist with environment, contribute towards social well-being and enhance local economics. The master plan is structured to harness the maximum potential of the site by creating a master plan that is responsive to the site and at the same time flexible to meet the changing market needs of the region. When fully developed, Kota Baru Lampung will elevate the  economics of the entire region with the presence of state-of-art Research and Development facilities dedicated to agro-base industry. Paired with educational institution that produce quality and relevant talents, the entire region will boost into a center of excellence for agriculture and education. Exposition and convention facilities is proposed to showcase the local commodities to world market.


A sound implementable phasing and strategies is carefully tailored. The entire development are divided into 20 parcels  ranging from 40 to 150 acres which will be developed in 5 major phases based on investment and development strategies.




Great Colour Investment Limited


Lampung, Inddonesia

Rendered Services:

Master Planning


To ensure a quality living environment at neighborhood level, amenities such as parks and community centre are planned and located within walking distance of 5 minutes where communities can gather, recreate or exchange ideas and creates social integration and interaction..