The Planning and Development Framework is to clearly state Medini’s aspirations and commitment in promoting and delivering a high quality urban development. It shall focus on the concerned for the physical characteristics of the new township and the implications of design and planning decisions for the public realm of the city.

The document contains background information of Medini Master Plan and its guiding principles. It illustrates the General Development guidelines of Medini and focuses on the particular controls of the building plot within it. It also explains the processes and all application necessary for the submissions required for any development works in Medini as well as clarifies the submission process to the One Stop Centre in the Local Planning Authority. Thus this document is to be used by Land Owners/Developers/Designers (Architects, Planners and Engineers) to prepare plans/documents necessary to obtain the required approvals needed to commence their works/projects.


The Planning and Development Framework shall also facilitate the development application process, where guidance and control for the design and planning in Medini has been outlined. It sets the urban design principles and regulatory frameworks that have been particularly developed to create a quality built environment for Medini. It aims to define the development rights and restrictions on the related Building Plot, provide a vision on its urban context, and informs on the permitting procedures and submission process. It is a binding document to the land owner/developer and forms an integral part of the appendices to the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)/Assets Purchase Agreement (APA).



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ntegrated design and development tool for Medini, Iskandar Malaysia.


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Medini, Iskandar Malaysia

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Urban Design Guideline