Leadership Message

It is indeed an exciting moment for planning and planners today, as we are faced with the many challenges of human settlements. Regarded as an urban century, there will be great challenges coming our way this 22nd century. The complexity of urban growth requires a holistic and integrated approach in planning and the urban issues need creative and innovative solutions that are well accepted by local communities and the formulation of strong policies and strategies to manage urban growth and development.


I always believe that we have the opportunity to shape the future of our built environment and APUDG has always placed sustainability at the heart of our works as we hoped to influence as many people through our projects. We have invested in research works and technical studies, learning from others and innovating and developing new and better solutions for our projects.


APUDG believes in working with partners to achieve integrated and comprehensive plans. It collaborates with many different professions and individuals whose core competencies vary but complements us in a positive manner. Our global exposure of more than 10 years not only enable us to understand global issues but has also made us more resilient and enhances our tolerance and to effect positive change in our works


We also believe in giving as being a part of our culture and encourage the firm's active engagement in voluntary works as we continuously develop talents and good values among our people, which has been a principle from the founding of the firm.

We place great importance on making connections with our clients and key stakeholders of our projects and we believe APUDG has much more to offer as we continuously grow, reinventing ourselves as the urban challenges rises and aiming to make a significant difference in our works.


Warm regards