This project’s goal is to prepare spatial plan as a reference for developing Bekala township.

The objectives are:

(1) Prepare master plan for whole 854 Ha area.

(2) Prepare detailed plan for phase I

This new township is an urban center that is moving toward controlled and sustainable patterns of consumption and growth. The new town of Kuala Bekala should be places where it is easy for residents to adopt sustainable lifestyles. This means that the choices offered across all aspects of living and working need to be sustainable ones. Developers need to put in place the foundations to enable this. These will include energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, resource efficient infrastructure and proximity to employment and services. It should also include access to sustainable lifestyle options, services and information to make it the everyday ‘default’ for residents to choose a more sustainable way of living in the eco-town.


Sustainability is about more than resource efficiency: sustainable communities will be well designed and will foster social and economic sustainability. Often the issues are interwoven. For example, sustainable transport options such as cycling and walking reduce environmental impact but also bring benefits for personal health and well-being; walkable communities encourage social connection. It is vital that the eco-towns work well as places. This means in social and economic terms as well as environmental. Our aim is to provide a clear illustration of the core issues that will affect whether a proposal is good enough to be an eco-town, and the criteria against which this can be measured.






Project Background:

Kuala Bekala


Propernas Nusa Dua


Kuala Bekala

Rendered Services:

Master Planning & Urban Design