Be a city that simultaneously achieves a top-20 ranking in city economic growth (as defined by city GDP growth rates) while being among the top 20 most livable cities by 2020

~Economic Transformation Programme : A Road Map for Malaysia


450 metres of underground plaza is proposed linking Node 1 to Node 2 at -1 level. This adds connectivity to one of the busiest part of Madinah City.

TUN RAZAK EXCHANGE aims to deliver the aspiration for Greater Kuala Lumpur to transform Kuala Lumpur as an international hub for banking and finance. This also supports Kuala Lumpur City’s target for a World Class Business Environment that shall enable Kuala Lumpur to become a global financial city.


TRX  master plan addresses its contextual issues, creating quality built environment that shall set a new benchmark for development in Malaysia. A mixed-use development, TRX key feature is its parks that covers almost 30% of the total area, a unifying element of the development, the park is the development’s central focal point where offices, serviced apartments and retail spaces surrounds.


TRX shall change the urban landscape fabric of Kuala Lumpur, it sets a new skyline for the City and shall demonstrate new urban solutions that takes Kuala Lumpur into the 22nd Century City. Green infrastructure addresses cooling, power, water and waste as it targets to achieve national (Low carbon City) and global ratings in green development (LEEDS etc).


Livability is a core element here too and ‘Neighborhoods' are created for a more localized experience and unique local identities. Live-in population in TRX will keep the place vibrant and make city living a new experience






Project Background:

International Financial Centre for Greater Kuala Lumpur


1MDB Real Estate


Kuala Lumpur

Rendered Services:

Master Planning

(collaboration with Machado and Silvetti Associates

Akitek Jururancang Malaysia Sdn Bhd)