Planned over 5 phases of development, the airport city first phase will be the Kind Abdullah International Airport which covers a land area of 5,600 acres. 12% of the total township will be dedicated to parks and greens, creating an urban eco environment that is also an important feature for the airport city. Its natural mangrove areas will be kept and as natural parklands , creating a bio-diversity that shall be rare to an airport development.

The King Abdullah International airport, a new airport for Jazan brings about an opportunity to create a new catalyst for an airport city – the Aeropolis for Jazan that shall support the surrounding city’s regional needs and compliments the Jazan Economic City (JEC).

An integrated and comprehensive development, the airport city is planned with two key features :-


The Strategic Development Components – catalyst for the city – Airport, Free Zone, Tourism & Leisure, R&D, Logistics,  Aviation & Cargo, Halal Hub,, Business, Retail and Commercial activities.


Support Services – soft and hard infrastructure to support the city’s growth and development and these includes  residential, transport linkages, parks and green areas, smart and green infrastructure, ICT, access and connectivity as well as public amenities.


Spread over 16,000 acres of site, these activities will transformed the area into a multimodal; multifunctional zone which will become a vibrant and diversified city with significant impact to create more than 100,000 employment opportunities as well as trading and business opportunities for the locals and the region.



Project Background:

Malaysia & Saudi Consortium on Aeropolis  Project


General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)


Jazan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rendered Services:

Airport Conceptual Architecture & Aeropolis Master Planning (collaboration with Ahmed Zaidan Architects EDGE)