Kampong Bharu proposed master plan is carried out through the implementation of three ways which are lot amalgamation, comprehensive development through the mechanism of transfer of development rights (TDR); and Program Business Improvement District Scheme (BIDS).

The aspiration of Kampong Bharu development has progressed further with the preparation of a master plan which is the Kampong Bharu Comprehensive Development Master Plan (KBCDMP). It began with a competition of Kampong Bharu Master Plan - Beyond 2020. During the preparation of the master plan, some dialogue sessions, interviews, questionnaires, discussions and methods have been implemented.


The purpose of the master plan is to create Malay Islamic cultural and economic center within Kuala Lumpur and its conurbation as well as throughout the nation. It will be based on three main aspects, namely the preservation of cultural elements, encouraging green development with public spaces, and creating sustainable development for economic, social and financial.


The preservation aspect of culture, history and heritage involves the protection of traditional Malay houses, maintaining the existing street names that reflect the history of Kampong Bharu relationship with the institution of the Malay rulers, the maintenance and improvement of buildings and community facilities, such as Masjid Jamek Kampong Bharu, Sultan Sulaiman Club, religious buildings such as the mosque and shrine, as well as other community facilities.






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Kampong Bharu Master Plan


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Kampong Bharu , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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