Green Placemaking

Today great places in cities and towns are becoming more essential and important as cities aspire to be livable and sustainable. These places are with high built quality, healthy and enduring – where people enjoy the place for its special social and physical attributes.


There is a range of interdependent elements that must be brought together to make this happen and these include, the appropriate development strategy, enabling urban planning and governance, creative urban design, skillful marketing, sustainable management, green solutions and an engaged community. While this combination of factors may occur by serendipity, place making has become an important integrated approach and an emerging discipline to deliver sustainable built form that contributes towards social and economic life of cities.


Place Making is also about putting People and Place first, creating environments where people and communities can live, work, play and find a meaning in places they live. It requires the strong understanding of culture and an appreciation of local context and where the 'one solution fits all' statement does not apply.


Urban planning plays a major role in the forward thinking about a place and has the opportunity to effect change through its plans and systems. APUDG believes that Green Place Making is an important part of our practice, where our conscious for environmental and urban issues can be well addressed by setting out actions and principles in our plans and blueprints.