Current Job Available

We currently have job openings for the following position: -


• Urban Designer

Urban Designers with varying levels of experience to work as part of a master plan team at various stages throughout the projects. Design skills and ability to understand the complexity of urban situations and multi-disciplinary projects would be advantageous. Should have a degree in Urban Planning or Architecture and a degree or masters in urbanism, with several years' post-academic experience.


• Landscape Architect/Designer

Landscape architect/designer with a minimum of 2 years work experience and have a degree in Landscape Architecture. This role requires design skills and the experience of a range of landscape and environmental design and public realm design projects. Willing to work in a stimulating multi-disciplinary environment and capable of providing sound landscape advice and solutions. The role also requires good CAD skills and preferably good hand drawn sketching and Photoshop skills.


• Sustainability Professionals

Sustainability Professional to undertake sustainability appraisals for plans and for projects across a range of urban development schemes. Need to have a good knowledge of the planning system, Strategic Environmental Assessment and project level sustainability appraisal. The role requires you to work across technical subjects at policy, plan and project levels, and also be able to demonstrate a high level of maturity to undertake all forms of projects. Requires a relevant first degree with a Masters in Environment or related fields.


• Technical Assistant

A minimum of 1 to 3 years working experience, technical qualifications i.e. Diploma or Certificate in Town Planning, Architecture, GIS or related fields. Requires good CAD skills, GIS and knowledge on Photoshop and 3-D software packages is an advantage